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Notorious Nursing Home Operator Found Guilty

Posted in Health Care Fraud

George Houser of Atlanta was found guilty by Judge Harold Murphy following a month long trial in federal court in Rome, Georgia. Houser was found guilty of health care fraud for billing Medicare and Medicaid more than $32 million related worthless services in the operation of three nursing homes he ran in Rome and Brunswick, Georgia…. Continue Reading

Phony Doctor Indicted in Atlanta Federal Court for Fraudulently Billing Medicare

Posted in Health Care Fraud

Matthew Paul Brown, of Nashville, Tennessee, was indicted late last week in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia for allegedly persuading Atlanta area physicians to submit claims to Medicare, Medicaid and private insurers, according to an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Brown, who is not licensed as a physician in Georgia,… Continue Reading

Prominent Cuban-American Acquitted of Healthcare Fraud in the 1990s, Indicted a Second Time for Submitting False Claims to Medicare

Posted in Fraud, Health Care Fraud

Ernesto Angel Montaner, aged 70, a member of a prominent Miami Cuban family, is facing healthcare fraud charges for the second time, according to the South Florida Sun Sentinel. Montaner was the sole defendant acquitted in a vast healthcare fraud prosecution in the 1990s for an alleged $15 million in false claims to Medicare.  The… Continue Reading

Six Indicted for Alleged Medicare Fraud in South Georgia; Augusta Man Indicted for Alleged Fraud from Federally-Funded Meals for Children Program

Posted in Fraud, indictment

Federal criminal activity has been brisk in the Southern District of Georgia. First, six defendants were charged with conspiracy to defraud Medicare and money laundering, according to a press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office. The charges were the result of a nationwide investigation which included the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Department of… Continue Reading

Rascos Give Up the Fight; U.S. Senate Assumes Role of a Court for Impeachment Trial of Louisiana District Judge G. Thomas Porteous, Jr.

Posted in Fraud, Immunity, Miscellaneous

We have commented on the case of Alfredo and Niurka Rasco of South Georgia, who were charged in a $6.5 million Medicare fraud scheme. Well, despite a heated and well-founded defense against the charges based upon illegal use of immunized evidence by the government, Mr. Rasco and his wife pled guilty to the charges against them… Continue Reading

Miami Man Receives 41 Months for $8 Million Fraud Against Medicare in South Georgia

Posted in Fraud, Health Care Fraud

  On Monday, Jose Garcia-Iglesias was sentenced to 41 months imprisonment in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Georgia as a result of a scheme to bill Medicare for $8 million in phantom infusion therapy services and cancer and AIDS medications, according to a press release. Garcia-Iglesias, who is from Miami, billed… Continue Reading

Baucus Healthcare Bill Amends Medicare Anti-Kickback Provision

Posted in Health Care Fraud

We at FCDB read H.R.3200, “America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009,” earlier this year (well okay, perhaps we didn’t “read” it all, maybe skimmed is a better description) and were surprised to find that it appeared to add nothing to our nation’s ever-growing corpus of criminal provisions. Well, yesterday, Montana Senator Max Baucus released… Continue Reading

Indictment in the Sir Robert Allen Stanford Case/Stanford to Be Arraigned in Houston Today

Posted in High Profile Cases

Sir Robert Allen Stanford is scheduled to be arraigned today on conspiracy, mail and wire fraud, money laundering and obstruction charges in Houston in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas. Stanford is represented by attorneys Dick DeGuerin and Sean Ryan Buckley, of the Houston firm of DeGuerin and Dickson. According to… Continue Reading

Syed Haris Ahmed Trial: Allegations

Posted in Terrorism

  By way of background, the Government originally charged Syed Haris Ahmed in a sealed indictment filed on March 23, 2006. The Government obtained a Superseding Indictment on July 19, 2006. It has charged Ahmed and his co-defendant, Ehsanul Islam Sadequee, with one count of conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists, in violation of… Continue Reading

Syed Haris Ahmed Trial: Day 1

Posted in Terrorism

  The trial of Syed Haris Ahmed is Georgia’s most significant terrorism case and we will collect for readers daily information on the trial and additional information. Today’s information on the Ahmed/Sadequee Trial comes from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, WSBTV and CNN. Ahmed is 24, an Atlanta area native and a former student at Georgia Tech…. Continue Reading

Constructive Amendments to the Indictment in the Eleventh Circuit

Posted in Environmental Crimes, False Claims, indictment, Money Laundering

  The government’s case in many instances will evolve or shift to some extent over the course of a criminal prosecution. It may be a long time between indictment and trial, and the prosecution may come into possession of new evidence before trial, or may not have thoroughly reviewed the evidence which it does possess… Continue Reading

Supreme Court Overrules Michigan v. Jackson and Presumption that Waivers of Right to Counsel After the Right to Counsel Has Been Invoked Are Invalid

Posted in Environmental Crimes, False Claims, Fraud, Money Laundering, Right to Counsel

In an opinion issued on Tuesday, Montejo v. Louisiana, — S.Ct. —-, 2009 WL 1443049 (2009), the Supreme Court removed a layer of protection of criminal defendants against coercive and badgering police interrogations by overruling, Michigan v. Jackson, 475 U.S. 625, 106 S.Ct. 1404 (1986), in which the Court had held that “if police initiate… Continue Reading

The Rise and Fall of Marc Dreier: A Guide

Posted in High Profile Cases

  We have tried to sum up for readers the labyrinthine facts and developments in the shocking and fascinating case of Marc Dreier, drawing upon excellent and thorough articles on the subject by Roger Parloff in Fortune Magazine and by Robert Kolker in New York Magazine. I. The Rise Marc Stuart Dreier grew up on… Continue Reading

Justice Souter on Criminal Law, Part II

Posted in Environmental Crimes, False Claims, Money Laundering, Noteworthy Cases

  Our summary retrospective of Justice Souter’s contributions to the Supreme Court’s criminal law jurisprudence continues. In addition to writing for the majority in many important criminal decisions, Justice Souter has authored concurring decisions in many cases, including criminal cases. While the Justice’s concurrences in criminal cases have typically been brief, Justice Souter has frequently… Continue Reading

Spam-a-Lot! Brothers Indicted for Spamming Conspiracy Affecting 2,000 Colleges and Universities

Posted in Cybercrime, Environmental Crimes, False Claims, Money Laundering

Spam e-mail is nearly universally despised. However, recipients of spam may not fully appreciate the inventiveness and intricateness of some spammers’ methods, however dubious or illegal, before considering the charges against Missouri residents Amir Ahmad Shah, age 28, and Osmaan Ahmad Shah, age 25, who operated a company I2O. As reported by IDG News Service,… Continue Reading