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Judgment of Acquittal and Dismissal of Charges Against Seven Members of Hutaree Militia

Posted in Acquittal, indictment

Last week, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan granted a judgment of acquittal in favor of seven members of the Hutaree militia, dismissing all charges against the defendants following the conclusion of the government’s case against them at trial, as reported by the Detroit Free Press. Tina Stone; David Stone, Jr.;… Continue Reading

Sentencing Commission Issues Proposed Amendments to Guidelines Relating to Corporations, Individuals; Increases Potential for Probationary Sentences; New Probation Options in Drug Cases; Hate Crimes Enhancement

Posted in Sentencing

Last month, the U.S. Sentencing Commission issued its 2010 Proposed Amendments to the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines, which may be viewed here, which contain much of interest for both corporate and individual defendants. In regard to corporations or “organizational" defendants, the Commission has proposed several changes to Chapter Eight of the Guidelines. The Proposed Amendments amend… Continue Reading