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Government Will Not Re-Try John Edwards

Posted in Mistrial

From the Winston-Salem Journal and numerous other sources has come the news that on Wednesday the Federal government announced that it would not seek to retry former U.S. Senator and Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidate John Edwards on the remaining campaign finance charges against him. Edwards’ trial ended in a mistrial on May 31. The jury… Continue Reading

Judgment of Acquittal and Dismissal of Charges Against Seven Members of Hutaree Militia

Posted in Acquittal, indictment

Last week, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan granted a judgment of acquittal in favor of seven members of the Hutaree militia, dismissing all charges against the defendants following the conclusion of the government’s case against them at trial, as reported by the Detroit Free Press. Tina Stone; David Stone, Jr.;… Continue Reading

Conversion Solutions Holdings CEO of Adairsville, GA, Arrested in Provo, UT, After Fleeing Trial

Posted in Fraud, Securities Fraud, Sentencing

After a five-day nation-wide manhunt, Rufus Paul Harris, former CEO of Conversion Solutions Holdings Corporation (CSHC), originally of Adairsville, Georgia, was arrested on Sunday  by the U.S. Marshal’s Service in Provo, Utah. According to the Rome News-Tribune, Harris fled Atlanta on May 23 following the eighth day of his jury trial for conspiracy, fraud and… Continue Reading

Report Alleges Bush Administration DOJ Shielded BP and Executives from Criminal Prosecution over Alaska Spill

Posted in Environmental Crimes

As the oil spill from the Deepwater Horizon well in the Gulf of Mexico turns two months old, an article in Digital Journal details how the government considered bringing criminal charges against British Petroleum and its executives during the Bush Administration. The article quotes Scott West, a former Special Agent in Charge for the Environmental… Continue Reading