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Acquitted Hutaree Militia Members File Suit Against FBI, FBI Agents and State Officers

Posted in Acquittal, Governmental Misconduct, Searches & Seizures

As set forth in the Chicago Sun-Times, Thomas Piatek, Michael Meeks, and others who, as we noted, were acquitted a year ago in the prosecution of the “Hutaree” militia for conspiring to commit acts of terrorism, filed suit last month against the FBI, FBI agents and Michigan State police officers. The plaintiffs’ suit alleges that… Continue Reading

Supreme Court Denies Petition in Shaygan Prosecutorial Misconduct Case

Posted in Governmental Misconduct, Uncategorized

On Tuesday, the United States Supreme Court denied Dr. Ali Shaygan’s petition for review of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit’s reversal of the trial court’s award of attorneys’ fees to Dr. Shaygan based upon misconduct by Federal prosecutors during his criminal case, as noted by the Chicago Tribune. The Supreme Court… Continue Reading

New Orleans AUSA Caught Up in Online Comments Debacle

Posted in Governmental Misconduct

Sal Perricone, former senior litigation counsel in the New Orleans U.S. Attorney’s Office, has been identified as an anonymous, frequent commenter on the Times Picayune (my favorite newspaper name by the way) website, Nola.com, regarding an investigation he was conducting. Perricone, who, apparently stepped down as senior litigation counsel (a position frequently given to the more experienced… Continue Reading

9th Circuit Pushes Back Against DOJ; Names Names In Case of Prosecutorial Misconduct

Posted in Governmental Misconduct, Mistrial

The U.S. Department of Justice and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals have come into conflict over misconduct by an Assistant U.S. Attorney which resulted in a mistrial, and the issue of whether prosecutors who engage in misconduct are entitled to have their names withheld from legal decisions. On the second day of the trial of… Continue Reading

The Acquittal of Army Col. Robert Morris and the Debate Over the Hyde Amendment

Posted in Governmental Misconduct

In 1999, United States Army Colonel Robert Morris, then a Lieutenant Colonel, was targeted by the State Department and the Department of Justice over his charitable non-profit organization, Partners International, as Tod Robberson of the Dallas Morning News informed readers in a Monday editorial. At the time, according to Robberson, Federal investigators were investigating whether… Continue Reading

Judge Dismisses SEC Complaint, Drug Charges, Against Former Broadcom Executives in Case of Prosecutorial Misconduct

Posted in Governmental Misconduct

Yesterday, a federal judge dismissed alleged drug charges against Henry Nicholas, the former Chief Executive of Broadcom Corp., a manufacturer of integrated circuits for broadband communications. In a related civil action, the judge, U.S. District Judge Cormac Carney of the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, also ordered the Securities and Exchange Commission… Continue Reading

Defendant in Stock Option Backdating Case Requests Hearing Based on Prosecutorial Misconduct/Interference with Witnesses

Posted in Fraud, Governmental Misconduct, indictment

As reported by Law.com, Bruce Karatz, Chief Executive Officers of KB Home, a home construction corporation based in Los Angeles, California, was indicted in the action of U.S. v. Nicholas, 2:09-cr-00203-ODW (C.D.Ca. 2009), on 20 counts of fraud for defrauding the company and its shareholders of millions of dollars in undisclosed backdated stock option over a… Continue Reading

Government Acknowledges Misconduct in Shaygan Case

Posted in Governmental Misconduct

In a surprising response that acknowledges the seriousness of the governmental misconduct in the Shaygan case in the Southern District of Florida, the government this week made the following concessions in responding to the motion for sanctions: 1) that the Narcotics Section Chief failed to seek appropriate authorization to investigate the defense for allegations of witness tampering,… Continue Reading

Caught on Tape: Prosecution Secretly Records Defense Counsel, Raising Questions About Prevalence of Governmental Misconduct and Remedies

Posted in Governmental Misconduct

A highly disturbing instance of governmental misconduct has come to light in the Southern District of Florida in the form of a gross and unwarranted invasion of the defense camp and the attorney-client relationship by the government. The case of United States v. Shaygan, Case No. 08-20112-CR, was a prosecution of a physician on 141… Continue Reading