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Justice Stevens Calls Out Georgia Supreme Court on Death Penalty Appeals

Posted in Capital Punishment, Punishment

On Monday, United States Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens s Justice Stevens called the Georgia Supreme Court’s review of appeals in capital punishment cases "faulty" and "superficial," and stated that the Court’s practices resulted in the "arbitrary or discriminatory" imposition of the death penalty, as reported in the Atlanta Journal & Constitution. Justice Stevens… Continue Reading

Georgia Man First to Be Executed Following Baze v. Rees

Posted in Capital Punishment

     In its decision in Baze v. Rees, 553 U.S. ___ (2008) last month, the United States Supreme Court affirmed the judgment of the Kentucky Supreme Court that Kentucky’s lethal injection protocol, which involved the administration of four drugs: Valium, which relaxes the person; sodium thiopental, which renders the person unconscious; Pavulon, which stops the… Continue Reading