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Real Estate Market May Be Down, But Mortgage Fraud Rising

Posted in Fraud, Mortgage and Foreclosure Fraud

Al Lewis of the Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch reports that mortgage fraud is surprisingly on the rise despite the current weakness in the housing market. Mr. Lewis cites the FBI’s report on mortgage fraud for 2010, which reports that mortgage brokers, appraisers, underwriters, accountants, real-estate agents, settlement attorneys, land developers, investors, builders, lenders, and bank and trust account representatives continue to utilize fraudulent schemes to defraud lenders, from inflating appraisals and fabricating income statements to recruiting straw buyers. As a result of the depressed housing market, inventive would-be felons have also apparently developed scams involving short sales, loan modifications, and firms offering relief from foreclosures.

The report states that mortgage fraud cases increased 12% in 2010 and that the majority of cases arose in California, Florida, New York, Illinois, Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, Texas, Maryland, New Jersey and, of course, Georgia. The Bureau claims that at least $10 billion in loans were advanced on fraudulent mortgage applications in 2010.

Image source: travelpod.com

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